Denise Tarantino

Tarantino obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Photography from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. She is an accomplished fine arts photographer and avid cross-country road traveler, who specializes in capturing the hidden treasure in offbeat objects, roadside stops, and forgotten places. Born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a serious bone condition that also led to profound hearing loss, she has been physically restricted since a young age. As a disabled artist, Tarantino developed her “observer’s lens,” which she defines as her ability to find the hidden nuances and humor in circumstances and places that are often overlooked. It is with this same well-trained eye that she approaches photography. Having traveled to almost every state in the country, her Roadside Caching series is a tribute to the beautiful American landscape, the blending views of nature, and the inspirational designs of its people. Her work has been exhibited in numerous juried art shows, and can be found in various venues in California.