Rae Adelman

Adelman attended art classes as a child. Studying early childhood education at Harcum Junior College, she could sit for hours doing designs in pen, ink, markers, acrylic paints, and oils. In 1980, she choose stained glass as her medium. An automobile accident in 1984 drastically changed her personal and artistic life. Spinal fusions resulted in chronic pain, and reduced fine motor skills as well as the strength in her hands. Adelman feels little pain when she is immersed in her stained glass work. Today, she strengthens her hands by cutting difficult shapes, breaking glass, and using a grinder to make all the pieces fit together. Stained glass is still her passion and she forges forward and envisions new artistic windows of opportunity. ā€œIā€™m just glad that I have an outlet to release my creativity and channel my inner strength to reach new horizons.ā€