Gregory Gans

A lifelong artist, spent hours constructing collages, models and elaborate miniature sets as a child. He fondly recalls purchasing his first Brownie camera with eight dollars and a Campell’s soup label when he was eight years old. As a teenager, Gans shot and edited a horror film with friends from his neighborhood. He says of his early work, “My experimental films pushed the edges of the medium and were entered in independent film festivals, while my professional jobs as a film editor/assistant at a film lab, TV station and freelancer grounded me technically.” While in college, Gans underwent surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. The surgery affected him emotionally and cognitively, and left him with epileptic seizures and a noticeable hand tremor. Gans received treatment at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital. Gans holds a degree in Communications from Temple University and continues to film and photograph from his home studio. He uses heightened color and image manipulation to explore form, color, composition, poetry and symbolism in his photos of nature.