HinWa Mock

Mock’s artistic exploration began largely with abstract painting. Abstraction allows him to enjoy the freedom to explore space and color. In the last year Mock has begun to see painting as a way to connect to the events of his past and to remember specific places that are significant to him. Mock’s current artwork is inspired by his former school, AHRC Dean O’Hare Adult Day Program, where he made many fond memories before its closing in 2012. He currently attends programs at a related center, AHRC Canarsie Rockaway Parkway. Another common subject of his paintings is vacations he has enjoyed, such as Coney Island. When Mock was a child, he went by the name Navneet Sharma. The name is very important to him, and he often signs his artwork as Navneet. Mock enjoys running and competing in AHRC’s Special Olympics every year. His favorite events are the long jump, high jump and 100 meter dash.