Christopher Pereto

Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Pereto has lived in many places throughout New England: Manchester, Connecticut; Walpole, New Hampshire; Hingham, Massachusett;, and Weymouth, Massachusetts. He believes that living in New England has been an influence on his work, although the reasons are hard for him to conceptualize. Pereto began drawing before age five and keeps a smattering of his early childhood art as a record of his artistic and personal development. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University of Rhode Island. For eight years he was the drummer of the premier Aerosmith tribute band Draw the Line, with whom he played over three-hundred shows. Music has been a formative influence on Pereto’s work. His artistic sensibility is influenced by a Kodak Instamatic camera that was given to him as a gift when he was eight. Pereto remains an enthusiastic photographer to this day. His work is geared toward capturing his subjects “in a moment of time when they’re in the act of being who they are.” Pereto says that photographer Suzanne Szasz’s work has left a strong impression on him with her pictures of people who are so “matter of fact” and “unsentimental."