Pat Wexelblat

Wexelblat's interest in jewelry art began in the 1990’s when declining hearing made it impossible for her to continue as an English/Irish/American country dancer and musician. Eventually her ability to understand speech became poor enough that she was eligible for a cochlear implant, which brought back speech comprehension and made it possible to be back among friends and family, from whom she’d begun to withdraw. As a result of the self-alienation and loss of her ability to enjoy music and dance, her creativity in other areas blossomed. Using a small torch, Wexelblat makes jewelry using Argentium silver, sterling silver, or fine silver, and often includes semi-precious gemstones. She makes beads and small figures from clay, weaves large beads from tiny beads, and includes antique objects in some of her work. She has continued to move forward, using a slightly larger torch and adding silver filigree to her list of achievements. She’s happy again.